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STEM MudWatt

ages 6 and up

Requires: Mud

MudWatt engages kids in science in a whole new way, using the power of mud! It harnesses the power of electricity-generating microbes naturally living in the soil beneath your feet. Kids experiment with different types of soil (and food from the fridge) to maximize their power. The free MudWatt Explorer App lets kids measure their power, track their MudWatt’s microbe growth, and unlock an awesome educational comic book. You can even power a digital clock and other electronics using the power of microbes!

About the product

A BIO-ENERGY PET: This Award-winning STEM kit lets you build your own living fuel cell that feeds on soil!

FUN: Light up an LED and power a clock using microbe power. The more microbes you grow, the faster the LED blinks!

ENGAGING: Experiment by adding stuff from your fridge (like Gatorade) to maximize your MudWatt's power

SMART: Track the growth of your microbe population and unlock chapters of "The Electric Microbe" comic book with the free MudWatt Explorer App

Classic Kit includes: 2 power-harvesting graphite disks, LED blinker board, digital clock, graduated container, nitrile gloves, 20-page educational instructions, and the MudWatt Explorer App.

Weeks of STEM Fun!

MudWatt is a bio-energy pet that runs on living microbes and offers long-term fun and learning. Kids maximize their MudWatt's power by experimenting with different soils, different foods from the fridge (like Gatorade), and different temperatures. Along the way, they learn about renewable energy, sustainability, microbiology, electricity, and more.

Bridging the Physical and Digital

As your microbes grow, the LED blinks faster and faster! The free MudWatt Explorer App lets kids measure the blinks to discover their MudWatt’s power level and microbe population. Kids track their MudWatt’s growth over the course of two weeks, and unlock a fun and educational comic! (Available for smartphones and tablets). If apps aren't your thing, there is also a calculator spreadsheet for tracking your data manually.


Any dirt will do! Your soil already has electricity-generating microbes living in it! Try out composts, topsoils, and sediments to see which is most powerful.



ages 6 and up