Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Ages 5 and up
MudWatt, Mechanics Kits,
Ages 4 and up
Cubetto, Dash, Tomo,  Jimu
Raspberry Pi Projects 
Ages 7 and up
Lanaka Publi
Coding Projects 
Ages 4 and up
OSMO, Bloxels, Scr

Engineering Design Projects

Ages 7 and up

IOT Internet of Things

Lanaka Publication STEM Book Series

Lanaka Publications' STEM classes focus on award winning books and products available through Lanaka Publications.  The classes give you the opportunity to discover why these items are featured in many educational settings.  The inquiry-based classes  demonstrate STEM integration with 21st century skills.

Contact us to register for a class.  Classes are open two Sundays each month from 3-5pm. The cost is $15.00  per day per person with a minimum class size of 5 people. All materials are supplied.


Sunday STEM Classes