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Requires: iPad

​Build Your Own Video Games!

​Bloxels is an innovative video game development platform that allows you to create your own video games. With easy-to-use physical and digital tools, the imaginative gaming worlds of young gamer's come to life in a cool retro arcade style. You decide what the game looks like and configure how it is played. You tell the story of the characters and design their looks. You create the obstacles and the power-ups. And then not only can you play, but you can share your game with fellow gamer's for both game play and content remixing.

​Blocks to Bloxels!

Game development is easy. Download the free Bloxels Builder app to your compatible device (not included) and get started. Create an unlimited number of games, starting with the map of your world - add game rooms (up to 169) for endless hours of creation and play. Use the 13 x 13 game board and colored blocks to build a room’s layout, create and apply backgrounds, add story blocks, place coins, lay ‘pixel bombs’ and hide hazards. Snap a picture with the ‘in-app camera’ and then continue building with the digital editor.

Design Is Easy and Elemental!

​You can add the elements and artwork (or use existing options) within the rooms in the same way, using the colored blocks and Bloxels game board, then snapping a pic. Create up to 169 elements in each room and decorate with artwork you create. The same process works for the creation of characters, from hero to villain. As you create, you have the opportunity to animate, test and reconfigure instantly!

Build your video games with a mix of physical and digital tools that include designs to help get you started creating your first game

The Toy Insider STEM 10 winner. Get into the game -- hands-on video game development -- with Bloxels video game creation platform

The Bloxels Builder app is free to download to your compatible device (not included)

Create game rooms, characters and game art using the 13" x 13" Gameboard and 320 blocks in eight different colors

When creating game rooms, each color in your design represents a different element, like green for terrain, blue for water or red for a hazard. When working on art, the color blocks represent the pixel art



Build Your Own Video Games!