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Kano Motion Sensor Kit

ages 6 and up

Requires: Computer, Screen, Keyboard, Mouse

About the product

A simple and fun creative coding kit that reacts to your hand movements

With playful projects learn to code music and games, controlled by waving hands and feet

Everything you need in one box. Motion sensor, suction pad, cables, storybook and more

Plug and play. Works with Mac, pc, Linux and any Kano computer kit

The KANO Motion Sensor Kit is a USB-connected infrared sensor paired with downloadable educational software (Windows 7 or later or Mac). The software walks the user through a series of programming exercises in a visual language (like Scratch) which use the sensor as an input device.

- Programming essentials are taught, including looping, conditionals, assignment.

- Hardware/software interfacing is taught: Connecting physical motions sensed by the device to changes in the computer are the core of the first lesson.

- The cartoonish content delivery and earning of badges make the learning process friendly.

- JavaScript equivalent of the visual programming language is available.

- Setting up both hardware and software was easy.


Plug and play

Open the box, connect the sensor, suction cup and cable. Follow the story book, learn about sensors and infrared. Plug it into your computer, download the app and play with code. It senses distance and direction, so you can make amazing music, games and apps, controlled with a wave of your hand.

Learn to code

With playful step-by-step challenges learn to code music and games show you how. Connect simple code blocks, move your hand and see instant effects on screen. Start simple, level up slowly, learn about loops, logic and variables. Simple for beginners, expansive for experts.


Kano Motion Sensor Kit

ages 6 and up