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OSMO Coding Game- Awbie

ages 5-12

Works with iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, iPad Pro 9.7 inch, all iPad Mini, all iPad Air, all iPad 2 & up

Won the top awards: Oppenheim Best Toy Platinum, 2016

                                  Parents’ Choice Gold Award, 2016


     •     Easy way to introduce coding to your child. Teaches coding fundamentals, if statements, loops, logic, and problem-solving skills

     •     “like LEGO for coding” - Engadget | “for young children, one of the best is Osmo Coding” The Wall Street Journal

One of our favourite and innovative kids’ games for the iPad is Osmo, which uses a fun Montessori-like method to teach via physical objects – not normally what you’d expect from an iPad game.

Osmo consists of a Base unit that you slot the iPad in portrait mode, and a little plastic mirror cap that fits over the camera so the iPad can ‘see’ what’s happening on the table below. This “Reflective AI technology” allows kids to play with physical items in the real world while still benefiting from the power of iPad technology.

There are several wonderful Osmo games, which we really recommend you take a look at; read our full Osmo for iPad review. The latest set of games is Osmo Coding, which are designed to teach coding to kids aged 5-12.

Osmo Coding uses the brilliantly simple Osmo game system. Osmo’s team is made up of former Google software engineers, so you can be sure that these guys know what they’re doing when teaching to code.

There are three Osmo coding games.

Coding Awbie and Coding Duo use simple blocks that magnetically snap together in front of an iPad and are interpreted as instructions that guide the game’s cute character Awbie on a journey to finding strawberries in a magical world of forests and beaches.

Each physical code block contains a unique command (walk, change direction, jump, grab) that can be sequenced with other commands. Combined with parameter, loop, and boolean (if-then) blocks, kids can easily make complex sequences for Awbie to follow.

Players can see the effects of the coding blocks in real time before running the actions. It’s like (visual programming language) Scratch meets Lego.

Coding Jam works in a very similar way and lets kids code to create music. Osmo

All the Osmo Coding games require at least the £69.99/$69.99 Osmo Starter Kit, which includes the Base unit. Check around on Amazon, though, as sometimes the other Osmo kits, which include the Base unit, are cheaper and include more great games.


OSMO Coding Game- Awbie